Streams and Waterfalls

Streams or waterfalls add the pleasing element of moving water to the garden, while the sound alone contributes greatly to the ambience. With years of experience in designing & constructing streams & waterfalls Wild Ponds can bring your ideas to reality.

Creating a Water Feature

At Wild Ponds we take great care to make our water features appear entirely natural, and can construct many types; a true waterfall, tumbling or gentle stream or cascade, or more formal fountain or bubbling water source can all be made for you and can be seen below.

Many different types of stone can be used too; from our local flint to limestone (e.g. York stone) to slate, there are lots of variations. At Wild Ponds we use hand picked stone to ensure the best look for your water feature.

Streams and waterfalls don’t have to be stand alone features either, as we excel at combining them with wildlife ponds and wetlands.

The Process

Design starts with your ideas. We believe you are a vital part of the design process; at all stages we will consult fully with you, and are available to answer any queries you may have.

The initial consultation is free, and normally takes one or two hours. Aims, objectives, and preferred budget are discussed and you can see what we have to offer.

We provide you with an initial design brief, together with a quotation for the installation costs; these will be tailored to your budget. We’ll also put you in touch with previous clients as referees.

Installation takes, well, as long as it takes, depending on the scale and complexity of the project.
Planting flows from the overall concept.
Advice comes with the service and is perhaps the most important part of the package. And that advice starts with the free initial consultation.
Aftercare means that we don’t just walk away and leave you to get on with it. Projects almost always need tweaking, adjusting and maintaining – we will always be on hand to enhance your new water feature or to simply maintain the new look you have created.

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