Autumn is the season for serious pond maintenance. It’s an excellent time of year to remove surplus growth from the previous summer, before the vegetation has a chance to die back and rot down into the pond.

This clearout has two main advantages; firstly it removes excessive nutrients, essential for keeping the water clear; and it balances the vegetation for next year, preventing the fast-growing species from dominating. With this annual maintenance you’ll have a healthy pond, with clear water and a vibrant, mixed plant community. Autumn also avoids the breeding season for pond wildlife.

Falling leaves in autumn can also introduce a lot of nutrients into the pond, so we recommend netting it if possible for the two or three week main leaf fall period. If netting isn’t feasible, daily surface scooping with a net can help greatly.

At Wild Ponds we offer a pond cleaning service; with our ecological expertise we can ensure that the correct balance is maintained to give you a pond full of wildlife and flowers.