At Wild Ponds we take great care in creating and installing our ponds, so that they look as natural as possible for you.

Once the outline has been marked out, the pond is dug to our exacting standards, based on these guidelines for its profile.

We then make sure the edges are true, using a laser level for precision. An anchor trench is dug to secure the liner.

The liner is then installed, protected above and below by tough geotextile fabric and so preventing any possibility of damage.

Now, to give the pond an entirely natural look, we backfill with several inches of subsoil. Being low in nutrients subsoil is the ideal material to use so that the pond does not support excessive blanketweed or green algae in the early months. It is also carries very few weed seeds.


Planting is straight into the subsoil, again for a completely natural effect.

With water always present growth is rapid, and by the second year after planting the pond is well established.